Blog Action Day 2008

On October 15, Wednesday, we in Bloggers Kapihan invite Filipino bloggers to participate in Blog Action Day 2008 by taking a stand on poverty.

Poverty is a reality that we cannot deny. We see it everyday. Many live with and in it 24/7. The imperative now is to change this situation. The Blog Action Day 2008 is an opportunity to get poverty out from under the rug where the government has consigned it. We hope that through this renewed focus on poverty, it will be a new start to better understand and not hide it, to offer real solutions not fake ones, to salve the poor people’s wounds and not give them doleouts.

If you want to join Blog Action Day 2008, there are a number of things you can do:

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2 Responses to Blog Action Day 2008

  1. tonyo cruz says:

    on behalf of bloggers kapihan, many thanks!

  2. Elizar Palad says:

    cool! You’re participating pa on this kind o’ stuff..

    daig mo pa ko, i seldom do this now..

    pero dati pate memes, kasali ako sa :)

    keep it up!

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