Angels and Monsters

I watch last night the latest episode of heroes entitled “Angels and Monsters”.

I was kind of tired about some weird plots with the characters but finally we got some answers to the:
Who wants the formula? Who is Daphne working for? Who and Why they are looking for all these villains? Why Nathan can see a ghost of Mr. Linderman? What is the reason for having superpowers (natan & tracy) questions. I guess with all those questions answers all we need to know how this is going to end. That will be my prior motive to watch this season. The Mohinder thing its kind of creepy and Hiro its kind of getting annoying… *Spoilers alert*

I mean if they ended the episode with the ando getting stabbed by hiro (which was painfully to watch) and Suresh in his spiderthingy with poor Maya. It would had been an really bad episode.

Armed with H.R.G.’s old files and a taser, Claire attempts to take down her first target — Stephen Canfield, a Level 5 escapee with the ability to create black holes — unaware that others are closing in. Meanwhile, in horror, Peter flees from all the death and destruction in the future, only to grimly discover how deeply the experience has changed him. Frustrated that Adam Monroe didn’t get them closer to “the formula,” Hiro takes a stab at becoming friends with Daphne and new associate Knox , much to Ando’s dismay. Later, Suresh’s urge to correct research errors puts Maya , among others, in a sticky situation. Linderman advises Nathan to stick by Tracy , seeing that they could accomplish great things together. In Africa, Matt sees his vision of “happily ever after” destroyed.

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  1. ahhh! I forgot to blog this! Hehehe, pero napanood ko.. i bought kasi “Lisey’s Story” (Stephen King) kahapon. Un ang na blog ko>:)

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