Michael Johns – An American Idol

American Idol, Michael Johns, Trinoma Mall, Ayala Mall

Tuesday night, on my way home from UP Law Library, I decided to accompany a fellow reviewee/classmate/friend on her way to the Metro Railway Transit (MRT) and we decided to crossover Trinoma Mall on our way to the Train Station.

as we made our entry, I noticed that There were so many people around the Activity Center, and it sounded that some one was performing there. As we draw near the area, I immediately noticed that it was Michael Johns. I instantaneously recall that last sunday, when i was watching ASAP in ‘Kapamilya’ Channel 2, MIchael Johns performed there with Sarah Geronimo, Rachel Ann Go, and Yeng Constantino, and Michael Johns plugged his Mall Tour in Ayala Malls and one of his stop is in Trinoma Mall. I was not aware and never intended to visit Trinoma for that purpose only.

I was an avid viewer of American Idol, from Kelly Clarkson to David Cook, most especially when there is a Filipino contestant, though Im not that a fanatic if you know what i mean. I admit, I stayed and watched him perform, don’t blame me, im just like those who were in the activity center that night, its not that you often see a foreign artist in person that you only frequently see in television.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching as he performed most of the songs he sang during his American Idol days. among those are “We Will Rock you”, “We are the Champion”, “Don’t Forget About me” and I think his song finale was “Come Together” of the Beatles, although he missed some of the lines. He even sang some contemporaneous song like those of Cold Play. He is a good singer, he deserved to be in a higher top rank not in 8th place. Of course, David Cook for me is the deserving American Idol, next is Syesha Mercado, then Michael Johns, then Daivid Archuleta. Now that im talking about American Idol ranking, Ramiele Malubay should have been in a higher ranking too considering that she has a powerful voice inside a small girl, but then she just cannot make the right choice of song that will showcase her superb voice… well, that’s my opinion.

Going back to my prime topic, Michael Johns was eliminated from the show on landing 8th place. His last song on American Idol was “Dream On” by Aerosmith, an Inspirational Songs. He was good, so good that His elimination was considered a shocker to many Idol fans and critics. I appreciated more his talent now that i saw him performing live in Trinoma.

Right after the last song, i went home.

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  1. Love watching this dude! :-) It’s a whole new season!!! yeyey!

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