About the Author

  • I am an Accountancy Graduate from a State University and used to work as an Auditor;
  • Now, I am a Graduating Law Student from the Same University, reviewing for the next Bar Examination, hoping to become a CPA-Lawyer someday; NOW: CPA-LAWYER

What you see is what you get. I may not be trendy, i may not be hip – i may not even the type of man who’ll catch your attention. But if a traditional man is one thing, Im… (you guessed it!) traditional.I m a stable guy whom you can depend on no matter what happens. and because of this traditional ways, you and your parents will instantly love me ;-)

i have grown… im just as strong and confident, but far more diverse in my interest, taste and most importantly in my self perception. My upright stance is a clear indication of confidence and self assurance. I’ve been told I’m the proverbial “boy next door,” and or the “killer smile”… maybe even tagged to be (by friends and those known to me) as “pa-cute” – which is by the way unavoidably true… hehehe….:-) — BUT NOT ENOUGH THOUGH… I’d say that’s an apt description. I’m kindhearted, reliable (although that sounds more like an asset for a used car…) with a limited sense of humor. At 5’10″, medium built, with black hair and brown eyes ” I am your typical Asian boytoy lad.. playmate. (hehe)

I Blog, not because of the benefit that i can derived from this, but rather this is an outlet where i can express my thoughts and feelings. The times when iam frustrated, disappointed, exhausted, blogging is my way of releasing those tensions…

to those who are reading this, LINK me up! hehehe and you will receive a kiss from me…


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