A Place Called “Mexicali”

I ain’t no Antonio Banderas nor Fernando Carillo, but i felt like a latino when i was in this place called “Mexicali”.

After a disappointing class that night, i decided to go anywhere where my feet will lead me. When i was with my friend Sire and looking for somewhere to eat, somewhere where we (either singly or collectively) haven’t gone before. After a tiring walk, there, hidden somewhere a place called Mexicali. Yup, sounds like Mexico, the interiors are mexically inspired, as well as the background music. But how about the food? I haven’t been in mexico, i have no idea what the taste would be if it is really mexically made, but i have eaten tacos and other so-called mexican food. I’ll just give this a try to stop wondering if the taste differ from those of “Taco Bell” hahahah.

I didn’t order Taco or Burrito though, because i was soooo hungry and i wanted to eat rice (i excused my self that night for high carbo diet). So, I ordered roast pork but then i received sizzling pork chop instead, what heck! im so hungry i didn’t even tried to complain, and just ate what’s in front of me. My friend Sire ordered roast chicken. Our Order came 10-12 minutes after, not bad.

The food presentation was good, vegies are fresh, the meat still juicy and tasty.. It was good. I just can’t distinguish it to other porkchop or chicken i tried in “Mang Charlie’s Tapsilogan”, I cannot tell the difference, hahhahah. Just don’t mind the “kobyertos” or utensils, they failed in that aspect. I dunno if thats just me or i share the same sentiments with the other customers, their utensils are substandard, like those thin-and-easy-to-bend spoon and fork. :D

Anyway, over all, since i was satisfied that night, I’ll gave them the rate of “good”, not bad. The price ranges from 90 – 200 Php excluding of drinks and the place really makes you feel somewhere in south america.

Nota Bene: Just make sure that your Iced Tea is bottomless, because the dip you’re going to use is sooooo HOT!!

Thanks Sirelevee!

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