A little help

Review Strategy, Effective Study Habit

Its been two weeks now where i really can’t find a way to manage my time and find a way to cope up with the pile of review materials that keeps on coming. The lectures of two subjects (Labor Law and Political Law) are already concluded, but still I haven’t finished their corresponding handouts.

And now, we are about to start our Civil Law, which will cover almost a month of Lecture (November, December and February) from Prof. Danilo L. Conception (Persons and Family Relations, Succession), Prof. Eduardo A. Labitag (Property, Obligations and Contracts), Dean Ed Vincent S. Albano (Special COntracts & Special Problems) and Prof Ramon N. Casanova (LAnd Titles and Deeds). And there are other topics covored by Civil Law. Considering the coverage of the subject matter, I cannot imagine how many materials will be distributed, and will I be able to finished all of those?

I really don’t have time to relax right now, no time to waste, One day is not enough for my target readings, I should be able to read at least 30 pages per hour! damn! at least 300 pages a day! I have not even reached half of it. I know its already too late for me to develop and get used to a proper study/review habit. I really don’t have any of that when I was still in school, i just study, no special strategy whatsoever. I even stopped for the meantime on going to the gym to have more time studying and focus more on my readings, and opted not to go home in Bulacan for the same reason, but I still can’t manage to be productive. And now i am facing this kind of problem, I dunno if i should be thankful that i am experiencing this now in my advance review, and not on my review proper in the Bar exam. I just hope I can find a solution to this …ASAP.

Concentrate. Peace of mind. Time management.

If you have any suggestions, or a inspiring story, feel free to share them.

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  1. Scorpionman says:

    Just relax and don’t panic,. You have to make some sacrifices to be able to finish all your reading materials.
    Read and study without the usual distractions like cellphones. You have to turn it off. And if you like music you can play it in the background but not too loud. Order food or cook your own food and that’s the only time you can relax and forget about your reading. Once you’ve finished a book relax and forget about it and do whatever you like (computers, watch TV or a movie) and don’t read it again. After you’ve relaxed go on to the next book. You should know how to speed read too.

    Just believe in yourself, kaya mo yan.

  2. dennis says:

    thanks! i’ll do that.

  3. Scorpionman says:

    Reminder….if you get tired from all the reading, stop and take a rest and relax for a few minutes before going back to reading. It takes a lot of physical and mental strength to do so much reading so you better take good care of yourself too…

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