A day in the life of a Citibank Call Center guy

Irate Citibank Client

Weird Irrate Citibank Customer

Holy SH*****T! a friend forwarded me a blog link that was really shocking, annoying… nerve rising and made my blood boiled in anger!

I don’t know if its true, or was it just staged, whatever the truth behind this recorded conversation really got into my nerve… Its good that I don’t work in callcenter… I really don’t have much patience to those people who don’t have manners.

i dunno whats the protocol in call centers, but if i were in that agent’s position, probably i already cursed that B****tch so many times.


This audio file was through the kindness of Jepoy. He was the one who uploaded the audio file. Here is his entry: Weird Irate Citibank Customer.

and to the site where i first heard this recording: Reyna Elena

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2 Responses to A day in the life of a Citibank Call Center guy

  1. Freelancer says:

    :-) I haven’t listened to the audio yet but I did read the comments of other bloggers in Reyna Elena’s Blog site. I’m having doubts as to whether I’d listen, I probably might be enraged more than what you guys felt. Seems like this ‘woman’ triggered angry reactions from all of you. Whatever she said, did and how she must have behaved—well, there’s the KARMA rule. Computerized na raw ang KARMA nowadays, like a speeding bullet, it will hit you & you dnt even know that you got hit but in our FAITH, I believe in something MORE THAN KARMA. Something far more hurting, twice the pain that one has caused others to feel :-)But digging deeper as well, what could have caused the ‘B****tch’s’ behavior? I presume that she has her own hurts as well that she can’t deal with and blew it all on the call center agent. Who knows? Anyway, what came out of the ‘B****tch’s’ mouth is what’s actually inside her heart…what she says is who she is…and Golden Rule? ‘Do unto others what you want others to do to you’…Smile…:-) There’s always a payback time… :-)

  2. TicTac Mint says:

    Both the caller and the phone banker does not have phone etiquette. Listen to the call and you’ll know it…

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