2008 NU Rock Awards vs. Batibot

Last Wednesday, right after my brother picked me up in UP to go to the airport, Sirelevee texted me if I wanted to go to NU Rock awards on NOvember 27, 2008 in Silvercity, Frontera Verde, Pasig City, and I said yes. Thursday came, she texted me to be in a rocker attire… and I ask her if If I had one in my closet, she just said jeans, t-shirt and a sneakers. Ok, no problem with that. We met in Robinsons Galleria and proceeded in Tiendesitas, Silvercity where we met her friend, who gave us the complimentary ticket, and her husband Dwight. I immediately noticed the husband to be “Kuya Dwight” of Batibot, then memories of my childhood flashed back, times when i used to watch Batibot when I was a kid in the Late 80′s and early 90′s. And now It added an idea that I am really getting old. Kids now does not have any idea what is Batibot, who is Pong Pagong, Kiko Matsing, Irma Daldal, Kapitan Basa, Kuya Bodjie etc.. Batibot is the Pinoy Counter part of Sesame Street , wherein the Pinoy Kids were taught how to read, write in Filipino. Any way, back to NU… we were supposed to have dinner in Gallerria, but because Levee was late, we planned to have it in Tiendesitas before we went in the site. But the plan became bygone. What happened was, when we were inside the Venue, we were no longer allowed to go out unless we are VIP. Bummer! i was so hungry that time. It was good to know that there was McDonald inside, and We had a beer first before levee and I had the chance to have a bite of cheese burger . At least we had the chance to ease our hunger.

I enjoyed the show, even though Iam not a big fan of Pinoy Rock Band, not like my brother Eli, who has a site for Pinoy Bands. I even called him up when the show started just to make him envy. There were celebrities there who presented the awards, like Joyce Jimenez, Iya Villania, Mocha Girls, Tuesday Vargas, Izza Calsado, and most especially, the one and only “Diosa” Anne Curtis…!

The Band that I enjoyed watching were Razorback, Pupil, and of cource, Bamboo! Pupil won the main award for Best Band.

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