2008 Bar Operations

October 28, 2008 was the last day of four Sundays of the annual Bar Examinations of those hopefuls to become a lawyer, which was held in De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila.

The last Sunday of the 2008 Bar Operations (commonly known as “Bar Ops”) was a great experience and was, for me, the best last Sunday of Bar Ops as compared to the last 3 Years that i have been attending such event. Lots of students, parents, and other supporters and even I did not expect what just happened last Sunday because prior to the first Sunday of the examinations, Mayor Alfredo Lim banned the Bar Operations (click this for details) this year, though it was not a hindrance last year and the supporters did what the traditions were. But this year, its was a major disappointment, no tents along Taft avenue, no bands, no noise, the street was even open for motorist.. what the F*ck!!

I think the supporters can no longer endure the suppression, they have been silent for 3 sundays, i think that’s what happened last Sunday… its amazing, the shouting for support, the chants of different schools,the loud music, the confettis, the balloons, the splashing of water and alcohol, the mixture scent of the alcohol and sweat, oh my gosh… THE CROWD!! what an experience…

But then, i can feel some sadness… because, this maybe my last Bar Operation, its maybe my turn to take the Bar Exams next year :(( and i hope i will make it… and be a Lawyer!

here’s a video of the event itself. Thanks to UTUBE and to the one who uploaded it

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